A Evaluation of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare in the Three Levels of Ambition

A Evaluation of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare in the Three Phases of Ambition

How perform Sophocles and Shakespeare’s has use tragic heroes to illustrate the destructive aspect of ambition?


the calamitous has, Oedipus Rex and Julius Caesar compiled by

Sophocles and William Shakespeare, the destructive character of ambition

can be expressed through the tragic heroes, Oedipus and Brutus. A

comparison will be achieved in the three levels of ambition; the tragic

hero’s ambitious motivation, the result that ambition is wearing others

in the form of the tragic hero achieving his goal, and the outcome

of the ambition since it destroys the type. Despite bearing minor

dissimilarities, the similarities between Oedipus and Brutus are

striking, because they share ambitious characteristics that in the end lead to

their fall.


is the desire to perform something, this is an extremely prominent

aspect within Oedipus


since it classifies the hamartia of both tragic hero. “I actually say I

take the son’s component, just as if I were his boy, to press the

battle for him And view it won! I’ll locate the side that brought Death

to Labdakos’ and Polydoros’ child,” (scene 1). Following the

success of freeing the location of Thebes form the Sphinx, Oedipus self

appoints a moral obligation to greatly help the location from the plague by

avenging the loss of life of King Laios, but in so doing he continues his

quest to satisfy his ambition. Ambition can be the strong

determination to do what one believes in, similar to Oedipus,

Brutus personal appoints himself to keep up power in the


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