A Explanation of African American Ladies and the next Great Migration

A Information of African American Ladies and the next Great Migration

African American Women and the next Great Migration

African American Women and the next Great Migration

In 1941, A. Phillip Randolph's March on Washington motion forced the country to take notice of African People in america. Following a march, Franklin D. Roosevelt released an executive buy that mandated the finish of racial discrimination in defense sectors. The agency responsible for enforcing the executive buy, the Fair Employment Practices Committee, was weak. Nonetheless, the agency presented a forum for African Americans whose issues, until then, could have fallen on deaf ears. Although discrimination against African American persons was prevalent throughout the USA at the moment, nowhere were racial tensions as great as they had been in the South. In numbers large enough to end up being coined the “Second Great Migration” African American people still left the south and headed north and west to locate employment in defense sectors. With the political and interpersonal climate slowly beginning to transform, the “Second Great Migration” of African People in america from the South to northern and western locations had a unique character.

Unlike the “Great Migration” which occurred during World War I just, the World War II migration included a multitude of women.# Through the first migration African American males outnumbered women three to 1. By the second migration this is no more the case as more and more men sent because of their wives, families traveled alongside one another, and women even sometimes traveled alone. Although they are generally ignored in accounts of migration out from the South, women had a lot of the same motivations to keep the South that males had. Just as men


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