An Analysis of this issue of Misguidance in the Tragedy of Othello, a Take up by William Shakespeare

An Analysis of this issue of Misguidance in the Tragedy of Othello, a Take up by William Shakespeare

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Misguidance and its own Twisted Ways

In The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice, Shakespeare introduces incredibly conflicted personas to the reader, one of them becoming Othello himself. Though Othello will not completely fit in with everyone, he manages to generate a name for himself, allowing others to discover him as exotic rather than just different. At that time, whites viewed blacks substantially in different ways, so Othello’s achievement amongst them is seen as a phenomenon. Through the entire story, Othello seeks direction from the “genuine” Iago, who deceives him every step of just how; Iago manipulates the fragile and insecure. Othello is made as a solid male character right away of the novel, but he includes a fatal flaw that Iago can easily see clearly, his jealousy and love for Desdemona. John the Savage of Brave " NEW WORLD " by Aldous Huxley shares many qualities with Othello. He also lives in a global where he is viewed differently as a result of what he believes in and how he thinks. On earth State, many people are one dimensional, eliminating differences between its residents. As an outsider, John can be introduced to learn thoughts and tips that conflict his life-style. Facing temptation, John struggles


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