An Argument Against Abortion Because Killing a Fetus is usually Morally Wrong

An Argument Against Abortion Because Killing a Fetus is definitely Morally Wrong

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Debate on Abortion

Before arguing for the circumstance of abortion, I'll contend against it. Arguments against prohibiting abortion derive from the basic assumption of taking into consideration a fetus as a human being[ CITATION Family pet16 \l 1033 ]. This can be a universal law that eliminating an innocent person is normally morally wrong[ CITATION App16 \l 1033 ]. Since fetus has lifestyle and entails a personhood, rights and a moral worth, in fact it is morally incorrect to deprive somebody of their moral worth[ CITATION Don89 \l 1033 ]. Therefore, abortion is normally tantamount to killing which is usually morally incorrect[ CITATION Laws13 \l 1033 ].

On the contrary, some philosophers concern the position of the fetus as a person on the lands that there is absolutely no distinct point of declaring a fetus a human being being[ CITATION Bai01 \l 1033 ]. Also, there are a few cases when there is absolutely no moral harm in terminating fetus regardless if its personhood is set in some arbitrary approach[ CITATION Phe09 \l 1033 ]. For example, if the life span of a female is in danger because of a fetus, abortion is morally proper[ CITATION Mar73 \l


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