An Introduction to the type and Origins of a Speedy Lynx

An Introduction to the type and Origins of a Speedy Lynx

With a pounce and a hop the speedy lynx chases the bleached light hare

through the bushes. Poof! The hare disappears in to the shiny white powder. Then

the sly lynx picks up the scent of the hare and pounces toward the small

hairball. The sharp elongated claws don’t dig in, and the hare’s long

slender legs launch himself out from the hole and out of danger. The swift cat

swings his claws around going to the fast hare, but he hits the snow best under

his back legs. The hare runs most suitable between two willow trees and right into a narrow

opening that includes a couple of fallen willow trees. The hare provides escaped from the

lynx that one time, but the lynx will see other meals. The lynx is usually a pale brown

to brownish grey with dark streaks on its throat, forehead, and on the trunk. It

has a brief tail, long tuffed ears, much time slender legs, wide foot for control in

the snow, and long very smooth fur. The lynx will turn into 30 to 40 in . long,

and 24 to 28 inches high from foot to shoulders. They usually


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