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Managerial Economics

Assignment A

Marks 12

Answer all questions.

1 . Distinguish between the following:

(i) Industry require and Company (Company) require,

(ii) Short-run demand and Long run require

(iii) Tough goods' require and nondurable goods require.

2 . Exactly what the problems faced in determining the demand for the durable very good? Illustrate with example of demand for households refrigerator or tv.

3. Review the method by which a firm can easily allocate the given advertising budget between different media of advertisement.

four. What kind of relationship do you postulate among short-run and long-run normal cost curves when these are generally not U-shaped as recommended by the modern theories?

5. How do demand forecasting methods for new products range from those pertaining to established products? AMITY SCHOOL OF DISTANCE EDUCATION

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Managerial Economics

Assignment W

Marks 15

Answer all questions.

1 . What are the different techniques of measuring nationwide income? Which will methods have already been followed in India?

installment payments on your What do you comprehend by the expense multiplier? In what way does it protect the insurance plan of open public works on fault the state during business despression symptoms?

3. Discuss the various stages of business cycle:

(i) Are cyclical fluctuations necessary for economic growth? (ii) Recommend appropriate money and monetary policies pertaining to depression.

4. Example Please browse the case study provided below and answer questions given by the end.

Electron Control, Inc., sells ac electricity regulators to other companies, who in that case customize and distribute the products to quality assurance labs for his or her sensitive evaluation equipment. The yearly amount of output is usually 15, 500 units. The selling price and cost per unit happen to be shown below:

Selling price

one hundred dollar


Immediate material


Direct labor


Adjustable overhead


Variable selling expenses


Fixed offering expenses



Device profit just before tax

$  50

Management is definitely evaluating the alternative of performing the essential customizing to allow Electron Control to sell it is output directly to Q/A labs for $275 per product. Although simply no added investment is required in productive services, additional processing costs will be estimated while:

Direct labor

$25 every unit

Changing overhead

$15 per product

Variable selling expenses

$10 per unit

Fixed providing expenses

$100, 000 per year



Calculate the incremental revenue Electron Control would make by designing its devices and marketing directly to end users. AMITY SCHOOL OF DISTANCE LEARNING

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Managerial Economics

Assignment C

(Objective Questions)

Marks 12

Answer all questions

Tick Represents (√) the best answer.

1 . Econometrics can be

a. A modern day name for economics

b. A particular branch of economics which can be applied the tools of statistics towards the economic problems

c. A branch of economics which usually combines macroeconomic principles with welfare economics d. A branch of economics which combines microeconomic concepts with international trade electronic. A specialised branch of economics which describes neo-classical microeconomics

2 . Which in the following comes under the wide definition intended for factors of production? a. Technology

n. Obsolete machines

c. Innovative developments

d. Capital

e. Patent rights

3. Which with the following statements is true?

a. When the source increases, both the price plus the quantity raises. b. When the supply boosts, the supply shape shifts for the left c. A move in the supply curve for the right ends in a fall inside the price deb. A decrease in the quantity provided results in changing of the source...


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