Essay about Assignment

Evaluating own current skills and competencies against professional requirements and organizational objectives

SWOT Research


Strong wish to learn additional skills

Self-motivated and enthusiastic in approaching work

Ability to prioritize work load and manage personal time

Capacity to solve concerns and generate ideas

Ability to work pressurized to strict deadline

Being on time


Lacking in product experience and knowledge

Low market experience

Interaction skills


Training sessions carried out by the firm

Get to interact with huge clients


Unhealthy competition between colleagues

Competitive industry, should be constantly increasing

Expenditure is far more than earnings.

Professional Standards relating Sibling Insurance

No business is free from day-to-day challenges, like wise Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives has personal, professional standards and procedures it, which helps handle such complications.

The primary objectives for preparing this kind of Standard Detailed Procedures (SOP) for Sibling Insurance Company are to

Provide workers with the information of how to undertake the daily recurring job process which have been conducted or followed within this organization.

Keep a standard where, everyone should be able to follow and supply the customer with standardized top quality end-product.

This current employees as well as any fresh employee can perform their jobs effectively thereby, facilitating consistency inside the quality and integrity of the work transported till outcome.

Minimizes deviation and promotes quality through consistent setup of a method or method within the corporation, even if you will find temporary or permanent personal changes

Getting one and only 100% local business, Allied insurance carrier deals with insurance policy of all products and services in Maldives. Moreover additionally, it deals with insurance of life and provides medical health insurance. Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives founded in 1985, likewise celebrates the 30th season in the services by the year 2015. The organization has become one of the leading insurance firms in Maldives due to its commitment to the consumers plus the professional specifications maintained by company. A few of the professional aims are worth to be described

Identifying consistent customers

Discovering regular buyers and maintain great relationships with these consumers. This leads to long term benefits including getting new clients with suggestion by permanent customers.

Dependability of products

Buyers rely on the company as the purchasers are given regular information and services. The key to become favored long term business retentions for the customers should be to provide appropriate information.

Timeliness and Quality of Services

Busy schedules of customers are taken into account. So fast and quality services can be provided

Based on my strong points I believe I've skills that will assist to maintain these types of standards, although I have to gain more know-how about the products and improve my personal communication abilities to become more perfect.

It is crucial to have top quality personal and professional standards as all the employees must work together to make the company a lucrative, healthy, and profitable firm. This is the simply way the organization can provide a suitable working environment that promotes authentic concern and respect for others including all employees, customers and other stakeholders of the business.

To achieve while an employee it is crucial for me to have better familiarity with the products plus more marketing knowledge in future.

Discover own advancement needs plus the activities required to meet all of them Lacking in item knowledge and insurance encounter

Get more information regarding the different companies be through with the items. Attend even more seminars and workshops relating to insurance

Research using internet, books and journals regarding...


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