traditions of shawnee indians

 traditions of shawnee indians Essay

Brandi Blackwell

Dr . O'Connor

ENGL 101-009

Composing Assignment # 1 Cultural Analysis

September 8th, 2014

A glance back in Shawnee American indian Culture and Traditions.

In the 1700's Many of the Shawnee Indians' homeland is now the modern Ohio, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia, and Western Virginia. That they never really settled they spent a lot of time traveling. They didn't live in your traditional tepee that most Indians occupied, their homes were referred to as " wigwams” or " wikkums”, plus they were tiny round homes. Most of the wigwams were regarding 8-10 feet tall to make with a wood made frame protected in birch bark and wooven pads. Often times they only remained in a certain place for approximately two months ahead of they would migrate to a fresh area. The Shawnee Indian's clothing changed some as they traded with other Indian tribes and white-colored people. Clothes was still simple for them, girls wore extended skirts with leggings and moccasins even though the men put on leggings will be breechcloths generally down to their particular knees. Since the weather transformed and wintertime approached, they added hair caps, snowshoes, robes, and ponchos for their attire. Occasionally they would put on beaded head bands several would contain a feather or maybe more. Most Shawnee wore their head of hair long, except for in struggle they would cut it in a Mohawk. Some will do confront painting and possess tribal tattoo designs during struggle as well. The hunters and warriors of the Shawnee American indian tribe both equally used a similar types of weapons draw as bend and arrows, spears, and tomahawks. Many weapons were made from solid wood except the arrows, spears, and portion of the tomahawk. These types of pieces were made from natural stone that had been palm carved, and bone. The bows were backed with animal tendons to help make all of them springier.


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