Grammatical Structure of EL

 Grammatical Structure of ESTE Essay



Explain quickly but substantially the following:

1 . What is the difference between destined morphemes and free morphemes? Give at least eight (10) illustrations for each. (10 points) 2 . What guidelines of phrase formation are being used in the following words: (10 points) 2 . 1 . Unbelievable

2 . installment payments on your Personify

2 . 3. Business

2 . 5. Brilliance

2 . 5. Temptations

3. Ancient greek roots include provided a means of coining new phrases, enumerate in least 20 or so (20) Traditional roots and present its which means. (10 points) 4. Inflectional morphemes in English typically come after the derivational morphemes in a word, illustrate the rules of the eight destined inflectional affixes and give an illustration for each. (10 points) your five. What are the functions with the following classes of mental phrases (participle, gerund, and infinitive)? Give examples for each function. (10 points) six. One of the rules of syntax specifies the grammatical contact of a sentence in your essay. Analyze this sentences by providing its grammatical relations regarding S+TV+O, S+TV+O+O, S+TV+O+OC: (10 points) 6. 1 . Professor Dave educates Business English language.

6. installment payments on your The Instructors nominated Doctor Vui the Party Secretary. 6. three or more. The old guy donated the flood subjects relief items.

7. Realizing that idioms happen to be fixed expression whose meaning is not really compositional but rather must be discovered as a whole product, give a clear explanations of the following idioms with a phrase example for each and every: (10 points)

7. 1 . With flying colours

7. 2 . In sixes and sevens

six. 3. Convert a hard of hearing ear to

7. 5. In the red

several. 5. Fasten one's seatbelt

7. six. Be attired to the nines

7. several. Belle in the ball

several. 8. In seventh nirvana

7. on the lookout for. Tie the knot

several. 10. Paint the town red

8. The subsequent sentences can be lexically or perhaps structurally uncertain, or both equally. Provide paraphrases showing you understand all the connotations. (10 points) Example: The boy saw the man which has a telescope

That means 1: The boy noticed the man through a telescope.

Which means 2:...


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