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(from: James T Avery: Essentials of Mouth Histology and Embryology - A Medical Approach, Mosby Year Book)

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The branchial (=Gr gill) apparatus comprises a beginning structure during embryologic advancement. It is linked to the formation in the head and neck. That consists of the branchial rebattu, the pharyngeal pouches, the branchial clefts or grooves and the branchial membranes (not pictured). A four-week-old embryo features several visible branchial arches separated by branchial grooves. They are really numbered craniocaudally. A fifth and a 6th are also present but are very small. A primitive mouth area appears as a small major depression referred to as stomatodeum (stomodeum). The oropharyngeal (buccopharyngeal) membrane isolates the stomatodeum from the old fashioned pharynx (cranial part of the foregut). This membrane ruptures by 24 to 26 days and interaction with the amniotic cavity is established. Identify Rathke's pouch in Picture 3 and review your notes about them. BRANCHIAL REBATTU

Refer to Picture 4

(from: William T. Larsen: Human being Embryology, Churchill Livingstone)

Picture 5

very first branchial mid-foot (mandibular arch) gives rise to the maxillary plus the mandibular prominences. Identify the very first branchial posture cartilage or perhaps Meckel's the fibrous connective tissue cartilage. It does not constitute the mandible.

Indicates the positioning of the future mandible.

The mandible develops simply by intramembranous ossification.

The malleus and the incus develop simply by endochondral ossification of the hinten aspect of this cartilage. Innervation: V cranial nerve

2nd branchial arch the cartilage (Reichert's cartilage)

Forms the stapes, styloid process, and superior hyoid bone. 3 rd branchial posture forms the low aspect of the hyoid. next and 6th branchial arch form the thyroid gland and cartilages of the larynx. PHARYNGEAL POCKETS

Refer to Picture 1

(from: James T Avery: Requirements of Mouth...


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