Investigatory Project

 Investigatory Project Essay

" Dried Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) and Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Leaves while Biomass Briquette”

This study paper is usually presented to the faculty of

Minglanilla Countrywide Science Large Scool (S. Y. 2013 - 2014)

Presented simply by:

Gilbert T. Legaspi Jr

Liz Demi S. Aguilar

Rose Angela A. Manalili



Related Literature

In accordance to 3rd there�s r. M. Davies D. S. Abolude, with regard to fuel wood is likely to be increased

to about 213. 4x103 metric tonnes, as the supply may have decreased to about 28. 4x103

metric tonnes by the year 2030. The deforestation price will always increase if perhaps nothing is

done to dissuade the use of fuel wood and promote the use of alternative energy sources. It was

also reported that fossil fuel shortage, fuel elevating price, around the world including other

environmental problems are crucial issues.

In respect to Owen McDougal, Rich Stanley and Seth C. Holstein, fuel/biomass

briquette technology, presents a viable and cost-effective method for making energy out of junk mail

and garden waste. It involves collecting dried, nutrient-leached field residues (cornstalks, straws,

solide, leaves, etc . ), after that pounding and chopping all of them into cornflake-sized pieces. Accessories

intended for the sizing process may vary from a mortar and pestle (East Africa), to a hand-driven thresher

(West Africa), into a hammer mill (South America), or a lawn chipper (United States). Info

show that the briquettes are safe and have a potential functional use of points to date is a

scourge to many neighborhoods nationwide.

According to Dr . David Fulford and Dr . Bea Wheldon, briquetting is a method to convert

loose biomass elements, such as sawdust, straw or perhaps rice psyllium, into high density solid blocks that

can be used being a fuel. Biomass briquettes change fossil fuels or perhaps wood for cooking and industrial

processes. They are cleaner and easier to manage, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Mr. A. Karan Reddy, biomass briquettes, mostly made of green waste and

various other organic supplies, are commonly utilized for electricity era, heat, and cooking gasoline.

These types of compressed ingredients contain various organic components, including rice husk, bagasse,

floor nut covers, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, or perhaps anything that includes a high

nitrogen content. The composition of the briquettes varies simply by area due to the availability of organic

elements. The unprocessed trash are accumulated and pressurized into briquette in order to burn off longer

and generate transportation with the goods easier. These briquettes are very not the same as charcoal

because they just do not have huge concentrations of carbonaceous substances and added materials.

In accordance to Julia F. Morton, the jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is a forest with 30 to

70 foot. (9-21 m) tall, with evergreen, alternative, glossy, to some extent leathery leaves to on the lookout for in (22. 5 cm)

lengthy, oval about mature solid wood, sometimes rectangular or deeply lobed in young locations. The dietary fiber

content helps to guard the colon mucous membrane by lowering exposure as well as as well as

binding to cancer-causing chemical substances in the colon. Fiber is usually needed for the peelings to burn

and as a variable for the energy briquettes.

In respect to Brenda Keir, Nguyen Van Psaume, T. R. Preston and E. L. Orskov, the jackfruit

(Artocarpus heterophyllus) leaves provides a content of dry matter with 43. 8% and has a nitrogen

articles of 15. 00% which is higher by the percentage of 10-12% from the two of the most

popular raw materials employed in briquetting which are the sugar cane bagasse (2. 96%) and rice

straw (3. 88%).

According to Jessica F., coconuts supplied a few families in the Pacific with shelter,

food, beverages, and many of their other demands. The white colored meat in the coconut is usually eaten. The sap

from unopened clusters of flowers can be used to make sweets, vinegar, and...


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