Eco friendly Environmental Practices of Brackets Palay-Palay as well as Mataas bist du Gulod Shielded Landscape

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 Sustainable Environmental Practices of Mounts Palay-Palay  Mataas na Gulod Protected Panorama Essay


TITLE: Environmentally friendly Environmental Practices of Wall mounts Palay-Palay as well as Mataas mhh Gulod Safeguarded Landscape ANALYSTS: Angeles, Daren Dale Elizabeth.

Aquines, Hermae A.

Lacerna, Baby Hannah V.

Vidal, Denise Joyce A.

LEVEL: Bachelor of Science in International Travel around and Travel and leisure Management MECHANIC: Ms. Catherine PeГ±amante


This study is executed on the first semester of your. Y. 2012-2013 inside the grounds of Lyceum of the Philippines University - Cavite. The aim of this research is to assess the environmental techniques of Supports Palay-Palay as well as Mataas em Gulod Shielded Landscape in terms of Waste Management, Water Assets, Protection of Flora and Fauna, and People Participation and Awareness Generation. In line with this, the researchers also want to determine the elements that affect the management regarding implementing the environmental practices in Mounts Palay-Palay / Mataas na Gulod Protected Panorama. The respondents were tourists / mountaineers that previously visited Wall mounts Palay-Palay as well as Mataas na Gulod Protected Landscape. The amount of implementation of environmental procedures was examined through the results of the survey. This may be effective, not only to the researchers, but also to the tourists, gov departments namely Division of Travel and leisure and Department of Environment and Organic Resources, also to the future experts.

A descriptive approach to research was utilized in the research. Research approaches and techniques were utilized to examine the gathering of the data gathered regarding the researcher's matter. The analysts made use of questionnaires to gather info or data. The analysts used purposive non-probability sampling in the analyze. The drafts were presented to the thesis adviser, next to set of panellist not only that to the CITHM Chairperson. The statistical treatments that the analysts used had been the Regularity Count and Percentage and Weighted Suggest.

Based on the results, the...


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