Proper Audit

 Strategic Taxation Essay


Tammy Adams

March 28, 2011


Professor C. Dix

Strategic Audit of Crowley Maritime Corporation

Crowley Ocean going Corporation is known as a U. H. owned and operated underwater solutions, travel and strategies company providing services in domestic and global market segments through 6 operating lines of business: Latin America liner solutions; logistics; sea contract alternatives; deep sea petroleum vehicles; Puerto Rico/Caribbean liner services and petroleum transportation, division and revenue in Alaska. Crowley facilitates all half a dozen of their main business partitions with centralized corporate functions, collectively with purchasing, recruiting, information technology, schooling, public relations promoting, travel and facilities advancement. As well, that they repeatedly make available vessel devise, construction management and vessel management services for company-owned vessels that are contracted for use in their working ranks of business.

Current Performance

Poor financials because of debt load, first loss since late 1950s, price/earnings rate is bad. Crowley Maritime will lay-off 120 personnel out of their Jacksonville, Fl commencing Apr 30, 2011. The Puerto Rico area persists to demonstrate losses.


To be a head in our marketplaces by providing world class services that ensures long term company strength.


Security first in all occasions, while protecting the environment and staying conscious of and correcting virtually any possible dangers. Behave with honesty and fairness even as treat the other person with pride and admiration. To recommend sincerity, devotion, and guarantee while at the same time doing what is most excellent for the total organization. To handle most transactions justly.

To always demonstrate a " may do” method of business and gives dependable companies. Make available training and development opportunities to workers while promoting success and liability. Generate well-built client relations although keeping responsibilities and supplying worth towards the client too. Construct lasting decisions to support up the company mission and investing earnings in the business


Crowley, equipped with nothing at all other than a Whitehall rowboat and a dream, has grown up into globally marine, vehicles and strategies services supplier time after time transporting for their clients. Crowley has been in business as 1892 and wants to makes certain it continues a sturdy and worthy executing for an additional century to come. To guarantee this takes place, they must job and art long-term conclusions that will be for the best concern of the business. Regularly becoming acknowledged as a business that offers higher level customer happiness will go on permit Crowley to be a market leader. The corporation is focused aiding the entire personnel to be aware of and tackle working initiatives and matters at hand. Crowley realizes that discovering innovative forms of performing can be complex, but through modernization they can go on leading the markets. And, merely through complete employee involvement Crowley will achieve this modernization by enjoying extensive thoughts from all planes with the organization.

Reason for the Organization

Crowley is among the more diversified transportation corporations all through the globe. They generate groundbreaking supply chain solution and maintain service in the freight shipping and delivery requirements of their customers. They earn available liner shipping and cargo transporter services all through the Latin America, Puerto Lujoso and Carribbean Basin although utilizing the newest technology in vessels, products and system to meet client's requests. Crowley is proficient and has got the equipment to offer secure and dependable underwater transportation and logistics services for project cargo moves, offshore construction and offshore module mechanisms. Through high-horsepower tugs and high deck strength chalands plus directly to use to every...



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