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Tagoloan Community School

Baluarte, Tagoloan Misamis Asian


submitted by: neil anthony n. ladao

bsba - 2c

submitted to: lourdes g. dizon

the english language 105

Desk of items

i. Name page 2. Statement of purpose

iii. Qualifications of the proposal

4. Benefits of the proposal

v. Evaluation Plan

ni. Spreadsheet of personnel

vii. Time Frame

viii. Project price

ix. Glossary

x. bibliography

Statement of your purpose

Miserable bungbong is a delicacy popular during Holiday season. It is a filipino indigenous snack made from sticky rice which is steamed in small chimney like machines. These are sold beside church buildings during " simbang gabi” or morning hours mass. My own mission is always to make Rastrero Bongbong a non occasional delicacy which may be serve whenever in any celebration or even without occasions.

Qualifications of the Goal

The most loved of Philippine puddings that Filipinos cannot hang on to eat throughout the Christmas time of year in the Philippines is puto bumbong, a purple-colored sticky grain cake designed like tiny logs and flavored with muscovado sugar or panutsa, roughly grated meat of fresh coconuts, and butter or margarine. puto bumbong is made utilizing a local lansungan, a tin or perhaps stainless steel machine placed on top rated of a weed of boiling water Lansungan features either 2 or 3 open holes where bamboo sheets tubes covered with muslin or cheese cloth happen to be mounted. Filipinos pour in to the bamboo tubes the ingredients for puto bumbong then steam them. In less than a minute, puto bumbong should be cooked – fantastic speed! Whilst preparing puto bumbong is fairly fast for making, lansungan will not be easy to find outside the Philippines.

Benefits of the Proposal

Each 100g offering of Puto Bongbong contains 252% calories from fat, 1g Excess fat, 57g Cabohydrate supply and 4g Protein. In addition, it contains 0% Vitamin A, 0% Nutritional C, 0% Calcium and 0% Iron.

Evaluation Plan

PriceServesSales(1 Day)

Puto Bongbong with Mozzarella cheese Toppings S 12. 0030P 360. 00

Puto Bongbong with Nips Chocolate ToppingsP 12. 0030P 360. 00 Original flavor Puto BongbongP 10. 0030P 300. 00

Spreadsheet of personnel





Sales Personel

Time Frame

3kls of sticky rice will be consumed in a single day time.

Putting of the sticky rice will took right away to be looking forward to grinding. Cooking food or Piping-hot will take 10 minutes.

Serving with toppings is going to take 2-3 minutes.

Project cost

Ingredients for Making Puto Bumbong

banana leaves – slice into 6th square items FREE

coconut meat – fresh and grated; 6pcs P seventy two. 00

margarine or rechausser –3/4klP 54. 00

muscovado sugar or panutsa(sugar cane sweet) – a couple of 1/4klsP 114. 00 Nips Chocolate – 1 packP 38. 60

Chesse – 1 boxP 45. 00

pandan leaves – 3 stalk P three or more. 00 pirurutong or purple-brown fragrant sticky rice – 3kls P 162. 00 water – about 12 cupsFREE

TOTAL: G 488. 55

Note: In the event that pirurutong is not available, employ 2 glasses of white sticky grain and 2 teaspoons of purple meals color inside the flavor of water or winged yam.


Panutsa - These kinds of words are used to refer to various things in various parts of the country, � but the Philippine government translates panocha as a class of muscovado sugar. MUSCOVADO SUGAR - is actually a type of unrefined brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor. Also referred to as " Barbados sugar", " molasses sugar" or perhaps " wet sugar", muscovado is very darkish and a bit coarser and stickier than most dark brown sugars


Bibliography: https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=puto+bong+bong+recipe&oq=puto+bong&gs_l=serp.3.1.0i10j0j0i10j0j0i10l6.141670.148828.0.152505.




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