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Executive Synopsis

India, the land of dreams, is usually fast realizing its potential. The world is usually taking note of the exceptional potential prevalent in the Indian markets. Powered by changing lifestyles, solid economic development and great demographic information, India can be moving to a usage based overall economy. A recent review by NCAER shows that the quantity of families with more than Rs. 1 crore annual earnings is going to double by simply 2010. Well-off Indian Men is one segment which is making their presence sensed and all the marketers are running post to pillar to grab a quiche of this section. The Gemstones and Jewelry business in India may be worth 14 billion US$ and has been customarily associated with females. Men's Jewellery is one offering which can be conspicuous by simply its shortage. This presents an opportunity while growing quantity of young substantial earners are able to flaunt their wealth and make a method statement simultaneously. Jewellery provides an added benefit of an investment. And this sector is usually poised to grow in a rapid tempo. Moreover, the company in this sector is primarily unorganised which usually lends a possibility for organised players like Titan.

It is suggested that Ti (symbol) should leverage its Brand Equity and provide an offering of In a number of Jewellery which in turn would incorporate rings, bracelet, chains and luxury designer watches. This supplying will be primarily for the Indian marketplace but would cater to the growing requirements of foreign trade too. The main platform to get selling would be the trust linked to the Titan which is a Tata Group company. In addition , contemporary and classy designs with an option to customise the merchandise will be the points-of В–parity with all the unorganised sector. The built-in marketing communications (IMC) strategy might use life-style magazines, superstar endorsements and media adverts for creating knowing of the extended brand. Finally, the supply string needs to be maintained well В–oiled to gain the cost advantage for the export marketplace. This will be ensured through the use of new solutions of ERP and Electronic Data Interchange.

Summary of the Industry and Market Potential

The increasing abundance, especially in metropolitan cities, can be presenting a trend in which a large amount of people are spending their very own disposable income on high-class goods. A recently available income study says the volume of multi-millionaire Of india families (with more than Rs. 1 crore annual earnings) is estimated to have gone up by two-and-a-half times before four years (source: ibef. org). The NCAER survey says the current figure will double by 2010. India offers desirable opportunities over the industry benefit chain. The worth chain of gems and jewellery industry can be represented in the following manner.

Men's Jewelry is one segment in which a lot of organization is in the unorganised sector and lots of potential is still in its exports. This jewels and jewellery industry keeps a very important location in the American indian economy. The 2 prime components of this industry are Rare metal and Diamonds Jewellery with Gold including about many of these of the total market.

India Gems & Jewelry Industry В– Highlights

Jewelry market size В– US$ 13 billion

Diamond jewelry В– US$ 1 . 2 billion

Gold jewellery marketplace growth year on year В– 15%

Diamond jewelry market progress В– 27%

Gems and Jewellery offers over 1500 players with only 80 players having a turnover of more than Rs. 200 millions. The organised sector comprises simply 4% with the total trade. It is expected that the industry will move towards organised sector since it matures and the share of family jewellers would decline.

Resource: www.ibef.org

The organised sector provides the benefits associated with better quality and neat complete along with the trustworthiness. Tata using its Tanishq Manufacturer has embarked into this segment with a vision to " End up being the most desirable jewellery brand for Indian Women".

Export Potential: India provides well-established features in making hand-made jewellery in traditional and also modern...


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